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The Right to Know

          If we are to make good decisions in life, we must have enough background information on which to make those decisions.

          When government is the topic, we count on what our elected officials say AND what is reported about those decisions, because some of what politicians say is self-serving … or not even true.

          It is our right to know how our tax monies are being used.

          We need reporters to tell us about city councils, school boards, courts, legislatures and all three branches in Washington.

The people are the only censors of their governors: And even their errors will tend to keep these to the true principles of their institution. 

“The way to prevent these irregular interpositions of the people is to give them full information of their affairs thro’ the channel of the public papers, and to contrive that those papers should penetrate the whole mass of the people. The basis of our governments being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” – Thomas Jefferson

“Without debate, without criticism, no administration and no country can succeed, and no republic can survive." – John Kennedy

“Freedom of conscience, of education, of speech, of assembly are among the very fundamentals of democracy and all of them would be nullified should freedom of the press ever be successfully challenged.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt

On the other hand, "The fake news media … is enemy of the American People.” Donald J. Trump

Our president labels anything he does not like as ”fake news.” That does not make it untrue. 

From the days of our Founding Fathers, there have always been people with opinions not favorable to those in government. Hard to believe, but back in those days the writing was even more personal and vicious. That is the reason now I refuse to watch either Fox News or MSNBC.

But an attack on all journalists undermines your and my only method to be informed.

Oversight also comes from Inspector Generals in every branch of the government. They are there to ensure accountability and to make certain the agencies are spending money and doing things the way they are intended.

With gasoline prices going down in the U.S., Trump told Saudi 
Arabia to quit pumping so much oil and depressing prices … or he would no longer consider them an ally.

That ended the oil price war between Russia and the Saudis and prices here have gone up and Big Oil is happy.

A few days later, an $8.1 billion weapons sale was made to the
Saudis. It followed a Trump declaration of a state of emergency with Iran. When the Inspector General started checking the deal, he was fired.

That made him the fourth Inspector to be fired in six weeks.

Installing political loyalists in key positions, refusing to let officials testify before Congress and leaving top posts vacant or occupied officials in an acting capacity are all part of a campaign to reduce accountability, says Liz Hempowicz, director of Public Policy at the Project on Government Oversight. “This is exactly how the inspector-general system is NOT supposed to work.”

… and it interferes with our right to know and make good decisions.

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