Cat is running out of patience

I am just sick to death of you humans carping about the problems you are having with quarantine. 

But allow me to start at the beginning: My name is B.B. Katniss and I am a cat. I think I am handsome as all Seal Point Siamese are. … even though I started out rough.

I was a rescue cat that was given to Glenn Smit in Gallatin.  When she left for college, I was transferred to Grandma Al Briggs here in Cameron. That meant I had to break in a new “staff.”

She is okay as she feeds me three times a day and keeps the cat litter box presentable. So, I follow her around, sit on her lap and play with the toys she presents me. 

The other guy, however, is just a waste of space and I only allow him to touch me if he is holding my special treats once a day. I sense that he is frustrated by me and will not ever sit in his lap. I blame him for having me neutered. I have noted he looks better with a mask

But I digress: I have been quarantined inside this house for nearly three years and, Lord knows, I want out. My clueless staff takes no note of me staring out the windows for hours. Their lone placating move is to allow me into the sunroom now that the weather is warmer.

Sometimes that makes my quarantine seem worse. While I enjoy the hopping around of the squirrels, rabbits, and birds, my daydreams have come to life with the appearance of a brindle colored gray cat. She is gorgeous and sexy, a member of a hunter clan. She whispers her name, “Pat.” 

She is allowed to run around the neighborhood and reports unbelievably interesting stories. 

She would like for us to be closer, but the screen is keeping us apart. So, she languishes just out of reach and sprawls around in provocative positions. It is nearly driving me to caterwauling.

The good news is that my buddies down at the animal shelter are looking forward to a great summer. 

Construction is progressing on the new Linda Griffin Precious Pets animal control facility. They guess it is about 80% complete. 

The city just acquired seven cat condos (they can be divided to handle up to 28 felines) that will nearly quadruple the shelter’s cat capacity. Still being built are a cat isolation cage and one for quarantining.  

My buddies are available for rescue by contacting City Hall. All the cats have been spayed or neutered and have had all their shots; Total cost is $75 … and let me tell you there are some sweet ones.  Not all animals are spayed or neutered at this time but will be before adoption.

Cat license are $10 for “fixed” cats and $15 for others.

I do not want to hear you humans complaining about quarantines. My unrequited relationship makes it far worse for me. Your quarantine will end … Mine will not.

A special thanks to Heidi Bench for capturing my look perfectly.

Everyone knows cats are on a higher level of existence. These silly humans are just too big-headed to admit their inferiority” – Katniss

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” - Anatole France


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