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The Cameron Planning and Zoning Commission met in regular session on Monday November 13 with several items of business before them.

The first bit of new business discussed by the commission were two lot splits on Orange Street, requested by Celia Reed. Both lot splits were approved unanimously.

Dan Earley submitted an application to the commission to request rezoning on two pieces of property for proposed development near Evergreen Street south of Kristen. The rezoning request was for pieces of property to be changed from A-1 agricultural to R-3 multi-family residential and from A-1 agricultural to R-1 single family district. Mike O’Donnell instructed those gathered the only thing the commission is only looking at zoning, not streets, not lots not anything else, those are the next steps, but this was only about rezoning.

The commission heard from a developer working with the Earleys on the project, who was there to answer any questions the commission had. The only question from the commission was on the correct acreage on the plans, which was able to be resolved.

One resident from the area, Dave Harris, spoke to the commission about his support of the project. Harris said he would much rather have housing in that area, than he would a repair shop or whatever else might come along. He was clear if his utility services are diminished by this development, he may not be as supportive, but right now, he sees it as a “slam dunk”. He said he is depending on the city to provide the services needed, but he supports the project.

The commission voted to send a recommendation to the City Council to approve the rezoning.

Michael Frazser was before the commission with an application to request a lot reconfiguration, to allow for additional land for parking for a proposed convenience store at I-35 and Evergreen Street. The commission voted unanimously to approve the reconfiguration.

The commission continued their discussion of off street parking and loading requirements. According to Tim Wynes a majority of municipalities require paved commercial properties, the city has received some push back of late with developers coming in saying it is cost prohibitive. Wynes said he took it upon himself to call around to other municipalities to see what they require and they also require concrete or asphalt and they do not allow gravel because it is too difficult to maintain and enforce. Wynes was looking for input from the commission on their thoughts about allowing gravel. The commission agreed going forward, they should maintain the hard surface requirements.

The commission continued their discussion on proposed fence code changes in the ordinances which will be sent to City Council to change fence code regulations for front height for commercial properties. The changes to the ordinance will allow city staff to make the decision whether to allow the change to fence height if it meets certain criteria without it having to go back to Planning and Zoning.

There was also review and continued discussion for permit duration changes. The commission voted to send both recommendations for approval to the City Council.

Wynes said there is a development proposal for Walnut and Grand. There is also a development proposal for a Dollar Tree. There is continued construction at the hospital. There has been a change in engineers on the Chung property and construction continues on the truck stop area on the north side of 36 highway. Demolitions also continue around the city. There are also some single family homes being developed around Cameron. Work is being done on the design of an animal shelter.

The staff is still working on a more efficient computer system to help track permits, violations, status on plan reviews, and other aspects to make the job easier.

The commission also continued discussion on tiny homes and how to address them in the city.

The next Planning and Zoning meeting will be December 18 at 6 p.m.

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